About us

A family project

For a long time now we have had this dream, and we have decided to go for it this summer:

We are going round the world with our four children for a year!

On the 16th of July, we will take off and discover the world in which we live, its countries, its diversity, its richness, but above all, the people who live in it.

It is first and foremost a family adventure, when we want to take time together and discover a little the world around us.

We’ll travel with a simple rucksack each. Our round the world tickets will take us to international airports in all the continents. In each country we will use the local means of transport. And we will try to find youth hostels, small hotels and stay with families as we go.

Our aim is to live with others, live a family adventure, take our time to welcome unplanned events and get out of our day to day routine. We hope to be able to help in some communities and for that we are going to spend extra time in some countries like India, Chile or Mexico.

We don’t want to live a year of tourism round the world but really look forward to meeting people and families.

We will also take some time to do some trekking in New Zealand, Canada and the United States and visit all our friends in Australia…

We will stay in contact with our families, friends, schools, parish and all those we know through this blog, which each one of us will try to update at least once a week, in English or French.

We will travel as light as possible. Schooling will be done by computers (to follow the French schooling system through the ‘normal’ way would imply dragging kilos of books with us and sending homework by post every few weeks).

This is the route we are planning to take:


  1. South Africa : form the 17th of July 2008 to the 2nd of September (a month and a half)


  1. China: from the 2nd of September to 30th of September (1 month)
  2. India: September 30th to December 1st (2 months)
  3. Thailand: from December 1st to December 13th (2 weeks)

Australia – New Zeland:

  1. Australia: December 13th to January 12th 2009 (1 month)
  2. New Zealand: January 12th to January 26th (2 weeks)

South America:

  1. Argentina: from January 26th to January 29th (3 days)
  2. Brazil: from January 29th to February 15th (2 weeks)
  3. Chile: From February 15th to April 4th (almost 2 months)

North America:

  1. Mexico: From April 4th to May 23rd (a month and a half)
  2. USA – Canada: from May 23rd to July 15th (almost 2 months)

This itinerary is still flexible as we can change the dates and decide to spend more or less time in a country according to our likes and meetings.

Our family:

We are all bilingual in English and French and some of us are also trilingual in Spanish.

As a family, we have already lived in a few countries: Australia, Argentina, Spain, England and France, and we particularly like meeting other people and discovering new cultures and lifestyles.

We often go camping during the summer holidays to discover new regions and countries. We go without planning and without reservations, and we stop wherever we like and leave when we are ready… This time we are going to travel at another level but we want to stay flexible and open and travel light……


The father, Ian, trilingual, soon in his forties and the initiator of this project with this little sentence “and if we went round the world this summer.” Computer expert, entrepreneur, chief financial officer, always optimistic and full of resources when it comes to improvising… he will be able to put all his talents to contribution.

The mother, Anne, trilingual, has dreamed of this world tour since her childhood (since being at school with children who had travelled round the world with their family… Beware, it might be contagious!). Always ready to travel, a passion for theology, highly organized, down to earth and caring for all, she has prepared all the homeschooling for the children to be used over the next year!


Xavier, almost 15 years old, our expert computer programmer. Grand organiser and inventor of family games, it is he who will hold the purse strings and manage family expenses during the first part of the journey. He is eager to go round the world “for all the people we are going to meet…” For our family website, he would have preferred the name: “wehavenoinn.com”.

David, 13 years old, is our acrobat (walking on his hands, riding a unicycle, rollerblades, skateboard…) and our walking “nature encyclopaedia”. He has already identified local markets in Asia to buy grilled snake and other such delicacies … He wants to taste everything and learn and experience from all countries to bring back new “savoir-faire”. He wants to be an inventor later…<

Eric, soon 11 years old, ultra enthusiastic and full of energy for this trip round the world, he is ready 200%. Future businessman (that is what he wishes to do later), he also will hold the family purse strings and manage expenses after his 2 brothers. Nothing seems to dampen his enthusiasm and he cannot wait to go.

Amandine, 7 years old, brings a feminine touch to this very masculine environment. She is not so sure of wanting to taste all the exotic dishes which her brothers are talking about, but she would like to see all the animals round the world. She would have liked to take all her toys with her, but finally she realised that with paper, pencils, glue and scissors… and her family, she had virtually everything she needed…

What motivates us?

We are Catholics and we want to know the world around us and discover it with our children. We want to stay open, leaving Providence guide us, and take time as a family to live this great adventure, while learning to focus again on the essentials. We are eager to meet others, participate and help within our means and not simply remain spectators.

State of the project at mid-June 2008

* We have our tickets.
* Homeschooling resources are nearly ready.
* We hand back our apartment at the end of June.
* We have chosen a blog address: http://www.6autourdumonde.wordpress.com (in fact you’re there)

What remains to be done?

Almost everything… but we’re leaving on the 16th of July.

7 Responses

  1. Dear Ian & Family –

    Please do stop and visit us in the Washington, DC area when you get to the United States next year! We would love to see you!

    Best of luck on this exciting around the world tour – what a wonderful idea!


  2. c’est notre adresse provisoire jusqu’au 20.08

    Nous suivons votre périple avec intérêt, en espérant que la Providence ne vous réserve pas de mauvaises surprises… Nous vous souhaitons d’accomplir tous vos projets avec beaucoup de bonheur.
    Avec nos affectueuses amitiés.
    G. et H.Chatelin
    le 7 août 08

  3. Nous vivons pres de San Francisco, serions ravis de vous accueillir chez nous ou de vous rencontrer quelque part en Californie.
    Happy New Year to all,
    Sophie, Sylvain, Sacha, Bastien and Nathan.

  4. I’m so glad I finally had a chance to peek at your website. With all the talk of Mexico this week, I was thinking back to our trip. I’m glad you got some shots of the kids in Amate Amarillo! I didn’t, somehow 30 kids running around at church with glue kept me from it! I hope you’re all doing well!

  5. Hi Anne!
    Looking your site these days, and waiting for some news!
    Hope everyone is ok , specially these days,and ready to come back!
    At school some mums, we are already talking when we will see you! Even Madame Forgue ask if you are going to come back?!
    all the best and hope to see you soon!

  6. Isn’t it a bit dangerous to just camp anywhere you like without reservations? What if you camped on private land? Surely you would get caught and shot???

  7. Nous sommes les voisins d’en face (du blog sur le Pelerin.info) et vous souhaitons le meilleur pour cette grande aventure qui commence; la notre en est à son dernier épisode à Madagascar, île magique même en ces temps troublés.
    Espérant vous voir en France dans un an et par mail d’ici lè (n’hésitez pas sui besoin de tuyaux sur tel ou tel endroit)
    Bon vent
    Espérance 7

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