Being welcome in a family

Each family is unique. It has a history, joys and sorrows. Difficulties. Each one adapts to its environment in its own way.

I know my family. I love my family. But we rarely get to see more than a glimpse of other beautiful families who surround us. We might get invited for a meal and suspect a whole new way of living just at our doorstep, but we are rarely privileged of seeing the beauty of other families from the inside.

Not having our own home has been for us a great opportunity to share in other families’ lives. Even before we left France, we discovered some we barely knew and whom opened their door for a night or more. And as we have been traveling, many families have welcomed us. Each family is different. Some are shy, some are suffering, some are modest, some are struggling. But all are trying to do what they think best for their loved ones and more often than not, for the world. Families are definitely the best foundation for society. They genuinely care.

We have witnessed a lot of generosity and I am grateful to all the families who have shown us their richness. They are an inspiration for us.


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