Puzzling world, by eric

We saw a crooked houses and stopped to look. My dad discovered it was a maze! We went inside the hologram room. We had to adjust our view to see a 3d picture, there was a tap, a hammer, birds, people, and other pictures. We went in a room with more than 150 faces in the wall. I covered an eye and they appeared as carved faces half in the wall. As I moved the faces followed me, it was extraordinary! We then went on a slanted floor and I looked at a picture. A few moments later I saw it in 3d! Then there was half a pool table which seemed slanted upwards. I took a ball put it at the bottom and it went upwards. It was cool! Then there were two stairs and I went on the top one, but I didn’t understand the trick. Then there was a chair which you pushed to the bottom and sat on it and it went upwards. When I got off it I felt as if I was going to fall! There was also a water track going up and a slanted swing. It seemed as if it was pushed by an invisible barrier! I went in another room. There were trick pictures. There was also a window. I looked through it and there was a room with two doors. I saw people go inside. When they were on one side they looked like giant and on the other they looked small. I went inside and realized it was the roof which was low or high. After that I went in a labyrinth. You had to go on four different towers and then to the exit. I found the four towers very easily before everyone. But for the exit I took loads of time. My brother went to the exit before me and also my sister (because she cheated). My other brother did another challenge which was to find the towers in a special order. I got very frustrated trying to find the exit. I at last found it and waited for the rest of my family. When they arrived, we went outside and did some trick photos.


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