Skytower in New Zealand, by Eric

We had seen the sky tower in the plane and saw the sky jump. It was people falling from the tower with ropes in a free fall. I really wanted to do it. As we went to the sky tower I saw that to jump was too expensive but on the trip to it we saw a Bunjy. Three people were in a metal cage really easy to get out. Then they shot threw the air and the people inside screamed! I really wanted to do it and shout and scream and have a thrill! It was also too expensive but nearly three times less expensive than the sky jump. We then went in the sky tower and went to the observation place. We waited for a sky jumper to fall and we saw one. It was a girl. And she hang in mid air. Then she suddenly fell and screamed. There was also in the room we were an electronic viewing screen. We moved a joy stick and the screen moved to the side. We could also zoom in or out. Also there was information on the tower and simple questions. We counted the volcanoes we could see and I saw eleven. We then went to the sky deck and saw sky jumpers and sky walkers. I saw the sky jumpers getting prepared and falling and the sky walkers walk on a metal disk around the tower. There was also a telescope which worked and we looked through it and I noticed things I hadn’t before. We then went down the tower.


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