Kayaking in New Zealand, by Eric

One day, we went to do some kayaking. We went in the car, and in one minute, we were there. We parked on a big plain by a house. There were plastic kayaks in giant shelves. We went in. We put waterproof shoes, a life jacket and took a boat; my dad took a double boat with my sister. We put our kayaks in the water and went inside. I took a paddle and started paddling. My boat soared in the water as I paddled hard. After a minute or so I became tired! I was surprised by how quick I got tired and started paddling gentler. My family caught up with me and passed me. I paddled a bit harder to catch up but I stayed behind. My father waited for me a moment and I went passed him. I fought to not let him passed, time was already flying past! Then there was a small rapid. We had to ho against current! My father went out of his boat and pulled his together with mine. He made us pass it quickly and I continued paddling. There were sometimes rocks and I avoided them. There were other rapids were my father went out and pulled my boat to get past. Then after an hour of paddling there was a strong rapid going past a small passage. We tried in turn to force our way past. My brother succeeded. I tried and just couldn’t get past. Then my father pulled me up. He wasn’t in the water and was standing on a log. When the family got past he went himself. After it there was more and more walking so we stopped and started our way back. I sped through the rapids and turned. I waited for the rest of my family and we continued down. We arrived at the beginning and continued a bit, we then stopped and carried back the boats, I took off the waterproof shoes and life jacket and went back in the car.


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