I love Australia, by David

I love Australia. It’s a fact. Later, I want to live there. I have to admit that with its size, there are all sorts of landscapes, so that everyone can like this place. It’s hard not to love Australia with its animals, magical koalas and kangaroos, lizards, snakes and many other fantastical creatures which are unfairly less known. Who knows the kookaburra, cockatoo, tree kangaroo, bottom-breather tortoise, water dragons, etc. The list would be endless. All these animals add to the charm of Australia. But that’s not what is the most attractive of Australia. All this would be nothing without its people and friendly atmosphere. People here know how to make you feel welcome. Other people in other places have made us feel very welcome, but here, even sellers could make us feel welcome. People would start small conversations, just for a friendly chat. I felt very happy/welcome in Australia. It’s this more than all the rest, that made me love Australia. The Australian government also had made some nice arrangements, like driver reviver, where you could stop to take a free drink. This was to avoid drivers to drive for too long, so that they wouldn’t get sleepy and have a crash. We also met some very good friends in Australia.

The great barrier reef and other Australian wonders are but a small addition to this. They are wonderful, but not the most important.

I have to say, I love Australia.

2 Responses

  1. ha ha this sounds a bit like an advertisement I once read in ‘The Guardian’ newspaper. Not that that is a bad thing, in fact it shows that not all advertisements lie, or over-exaggerate.
    Lots of people emigrate to Australia, and with good reason.

  2. From thee photos i’ve seen , i can understand that Australia is attractive to outsiders .I’d like to go there when i’ll be older, but just for a visit.
    It looks great, i can’t wait!

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