Terror in Mumbai!

Terror has struck Mumbai in the form of

Terrorists. These men went on a suicide

mission after some extensive training.

Their goal: To put terror in all the hearts.

To do this, they attacked Mumbai’s most

sensitive spots.

The terrorist’s attacks aimed at a maternity,

a train station, some random streets, a café

and 2 luxury hotels. The terrorists killed

over 150 people, injuring many more.

Unfortunately, they managed their goal:

They struck terror in the town of Mumbai!

How could men kill women and innocent

babies? How could they aim for a maternity?

Of all their acts,this is the worse! They

wanted to destroy the lives of innocent babies,

some who hadn’t even seen the world. They

destroyed young families.

Through attacking the stations and the hotels,

they struck terror in the hearts of tourists, and this

could be disastrous for India’s economy. They

shot at random in the station, killing, destroying

families, and bringing fear. They held hostages

in the hotels, killing men,women and children

alike. They felt no pity. They had a mission to

kill citizens, and they stopped being men. They

became machines of destructions, intent on

killing. They cannot have had a good reason.

They killed in cold blood.

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  1. Killing babies and children ! the bastards!

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