My impressions of India, by Eric (voir mon autre blog en français)

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I prefer India to China, specially because in India I am in a village and I experience Indian life. The streets of the towns are not very nice in India, but in the little villages, the view is magnificent and India is very interesting. I have learnt many useful things like: making and cooking chapatis (Indian bread), boiling some buffalo milk, cooking rice in curry, doing the washing up better, organising myself… I have difficulties to communicate with the children because they speak telugu. Each day, we normally go to the school of the village to teach easy songs in English to the little children who are learning English. I have also learnt some interesting things on the village. I think that I would like to live in India and develop a village (for now). I would also like to discover India more and also its traditions. It is very hot in India but we can get used to it in a few weeks. The food is nice but doesn’t change much. The people are nice and their way of life is very interesting. They wash themselves with buckets and a small recipient and are poor compared to Europeans. Some do not always have enough to eat, but it is getting better little by little with the help of priests and donations from America and Germany. I really like the life in India and I have already ridden an elephant.


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