12 Oct – my Birthday: by Xavier.

This is the part where I talk. But you’re probably bored of my voice, so…..

This is the part where YOU talk. Talk about what you like, or talk about what you don’t like. Actually… just talk.
(Hint: please do leave a comment, it’ll be vastly appreciated.)


11 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday! ………………….

  2. Happy birthday Xavier! It’ll probably be one of your birthday’s you’ll remember best, so hold on to it 😉

    Thanks for your great posts, they are really appreciated. Did Mamica tell you that when she was in the states with Caroline, your post was read out loud by Caro and a bunch of girls gathered around all laughing at you sense of humor?

    Before you left you told me you believed that the coming trip would change you in some way… so being a year older is definitely a change where there is no going back 😉 (I can’t help wondering whether that was what you really meant…).

    You’ll have understood that my aim is to write out a seven page comment so bear with my babbling on and on… In fact as I write I have no idea where I will stop where as you are somewhere in my future having a clear idea that I never made it to my seventh page… (sigh).

    Well lets imagine I have this tiny blue text book and that only a few words actually fit any given page… Well I’m happy to say that I’m writing my forty second page for this post! (Ha!).

    We’re all looking forward to your coming posts and Mamica was even wondering the other day whether you wouldn’t have a vocation as jounalist… I’ll leave you with that thought and a very happy birthday!



  3. Hello Xavier,

    Most impressed by your posts. Your evident attempt to add a personal dimension to your experiences is most interesting. Carry on and hopefully you will find that all-evasive style sought by so many writers. In my opinion, the various styles you have tried to date all have merit and the latest ones show a good degree of progress. In any case they present your ideas and impressions in an original and intriguing way.

    Here we are in the process of organising a conference in Rome for November 3. We’ve got to the stage of going to the media. If it takesit up (which we doubt) the several years of effort leading up to it will have been rewarded; if not we are whistling in the wind. The proposed “Press Release” is set out below for your information. A conference website is under preparation.

    Trusting your travels continue to provide the abundant material you need to furnish us with even more entertaining reading,

    Happy birthday and love to all, – Grandpa Peter

  4. Sorry my message is the least interesting. I don’t have much to say except that:
    1) Salty hot chocolate is not very nice,
    2) Camping in England in September will probably mean lots of nasty rain and mud,
    3) Fog smells quite nice, very fresh and cool.

    I’m not sure what the meaning is behind these three things but I think I just have writers block.
    From Laura.

  5. coucou,

    Cela semble devenir une habitude mais je ne serai encore une fois pas là pour ton anniversaire. Cependant, c’est pour la bonne cause car le peu que je puisse comprendre de tes “posts” (mon anglais laisse à désirer) nous prouve que tu grandis (c’est sûr tu me dois me dépasser) ou plutôt que cette grande aventure t’a fait et te fera mûrir plus vite que les adolescents de ton âge.
    Sur ce, Théo, Enzo et Ludo se joignent à moi pour te souhaiter un joyeux anniversaire.
    Bisous à vous 6.

    Les savoyards

  6. janamdin mubarak ho !

    Après quelques jours en Inde, nous supposons que tu maitrises les subtilités de l’Hindi 😉

    Cécile, Bruno, Mathis & Chloé

  7. i guess ill never manage to write something as long and interesting as all the other posts but i have a lot of homework – i really do – so ill get to the point:

    dear Xavier i wish you a marvelous and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    isnt this perfectly balanced and succintly but marvelously writen? – I am a better Uncle Tom each day, i know –

    your sincere friend who writes still as badly, Clément.

  8. Marvellous to see you all in your pictures from India…My first visit to India was also this year, last February, quite a cultural experience. This week at school some teachers and I spoke to some parents in a meeting about developing intercultural skills to be better prepared for the future…Well, Xavier, hope you’re getting used to an Indian accent by now…any ambitions t o learn Hindi? I was in the S of India where they speak Tamil…which I found extremely difficult to pick up.
    All the best to you and your family.

    Mr King

  9. Happy birthday Xavier, keep discovering all the world around you, and all the universe inside people and inside yourself : even more challenging and interesting at your age!
    Enjoy this lifechanging experience.
    Hope to see you in Brazil soon, or back in France to share our souvenirs!

    A great hello to everyone else of course!

    Sebastien Perrier from Bahia

  10. Hey, Xavier,
    _________________________ ______I I_____
    \ I HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I /
    \ I_________________________I /
    / \ I I / \
    /_______\I I/______\

    and please excuse the lateness =P, Hope you’re having a great time and I can’t wait till u tell me about all the stuff u did

    See ya soon,


    PS: I hope u liked my artwork XD

  11. hahaha! this is realy realy late, but hey, better later then never!!
    its my first time on your site so please exuse me!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! =D

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