Noise and silence in China.

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China is a noisy place. Shops have loud music out on the streets, cars are everywhere. Cars, scooters, and buses honk their horns every few seconds. But what is most surprising is the silence of the vehicles. Everywhere there are bicycles, but there are even more scooters present. And the great majority of scooters are electric and totally silent. Buses in Kunming are also fascinating, as soon as they stop they automatically switch off their engines. This means that when you are in a bus at a traffic light or bus stop, there is neither engine noise nor vibrations. Bus stops are quite quiet places.

It is a shame that that is ruined by the honking of horns. In fact when you cross a road you can’t hear scooters coming so they must make noise in some way to avoid collisions (in fact, in a few days, we witnessed two pedestrians run over by silent scooters).

Therefore China, regardless of the noise it makes, can in fact be an example for the rest of the world on silence (if we can hear it through their noise…).


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  1. I just heard today about new cars which have a system called something like “stop and run” which stops the motor at traffic lights… It would seem as if China is way ahead of us! Thanks for the post.

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