Generations in China.

There is a high sense of generations in China. The older generation is slow paced, loves traditional music and playing games. Going out in a park is quite an experience. Music is played everywhere on traditional instruments. Little groups of three, four or even ten to fifteen players come together to play a tune and sing a song. The groups are sometimes only a few metres away and the tunes clash but it doesn’t seem to bother anyone. But one striking point is that the musicians are not particularly young. In fact the youngest we saw must be in his forties and as for the eldest it is surprising they are still up and about.

In the little town of Yangshuo, in the evening, there was some music in the park and maybe 200 people were dancing. Some in couples and others in groups. They were mostly middle-aged. When we went there with our new Chinese friend, in her early twenties, she dismissed the whole thing as not for young people. The new generation respects their traditions but do not feel bound by them. They like pop music and shopping.

Games are also a very popular activity with the older generations. People are playing. Everywhere. All the stone tables in a park are swamped with players and onlookers. In shops, the shopkeepers play. On the streets, people play.

It is surprising to see such an active older generation attached to their way of life and displaying it very publicly and a younger generation who seems to be going their own way.


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  1. Nice post, Ian… Just a word regarding “the forty being old” insinuation: lets discuss it next may around the 23rd 😉

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