Eic in China

After South Africa, I flew to Hong-Kong. In Hong-Kong, my dad bought three new mini portable computers for school. We ate in not too good restaurants. Outside it was really humid and hotter than inside the hotel we stayed in and inside restaurants or shops. Everyday in Hong-Kong, we stayed in the hotel and played on the computer and rested, nothing exceptional. We were all very tired because of the time change.

Then we went to the border of China and took a night bus for Guilin and arrived in Yangshuo by mistake. We found a good hotel and stayed there. One day, we did a guided tour in bicycle and went in the water cave of Yangshuo. It was a big, giant, gloomy and dark cave with lots of stalagtites and stalagmites. We had to have big lights and a helmet because you could bash your head on the low rock roof. It was trickling with water and it felt like going under an icy shower. I could hear the water bouncing on the rocks and splashing in the puddles. The water blurred my sight like mist and my feet crashed blindly in the water, fighting with the cold. The echo was fantastic like a chain mail repeating what was first said. I had a mud bath and I swam in an underground swimming pool.

We went to a light show the cheap way, meaning that we where across the river and the show was on the other side of the river. The light show was actually a story of something that I did not understand at all, but it was still good.

We did a trip in bicycle which was super bad: I was burning, sweating, thirsty and my parents took a thin path in a rice field where the plants stung my legs…

My mum went to see rice fields terraces on her own and my father stayed home with us.

I liked Yangshuo because there is a street with lots of nice restaurants and shops. I like Chinese food, but I would also want some nice English or French food like macaroni and cheddar or baguette with “saucisson sec” and butter.

I have been ill for a day and a night, but am now better.


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