Gwexintaba, whales and penguins

I was at Joint Venture. Joint venture is a project of a person called Louis who helps in a Xhosa village named Gwexintaba. His house is unfinished: the roof hasn’t yet been put up so the wind gets in and the rain too, except that it luckily didn’t rain because some of the food was on a plank unprotected from the rain. It was just a circular brick house without roof. The typical Xhosa house is a round mud house with a thatch roof. I went in one and the mud kept the heat in the house, I saw that the thatch was black, I learned that it was black because of the smoke. In the village, my family and two other women repainted the school. We also did some gardening and went twice at the waterfall next to the village.

  After Gwexintaba we went to different backpackers and different self-catering appartements. At one of them we went whale watching. I went in the front of a boat where it moved a lot. People went in the boat one by one and when everyone was in the boat we embarked for the ocean. After a while we came in sight of whales and everybody rushed to see them, one whale came right under the boat while twisting itself around in the water. After a while we went back to shore and got a can of coke, a packet of chips and a lollipop on the way back. After whale watching we went to other places and also went to see penguins, a funny and stupid thing written on one of the information panels was: the average height of a penguin is 50 cm, 1/10th of a human’s average height.


2 Responses

  1. Ton voyage est tres amusant. Il y a vraiment des hommes qui font cinq metres? et vous pouvez arreter d’ecrire en Anglais?

  2. The roof is up!!

    Hallo there!
    Just thought I let you know that the project is coming on very nicely. The garden is looking good and the house is home.

    Take care


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