Africa. A continent of mystery and wonder, of safaris and Baobabs. Africa. So far, yet it only takes 11 hours of plane to get from England to its farthest point: South Africa! On the 16th of July we

took that plane and went to South Africa, my first stop out of Europe, and my first step towards our adventure: Going around the world!

Arriving in Africa at 7 in the morning is never an easy thing, even less when you’ve got nothing planned. This is the situation we found ourselves in. At the beginning we just wandered about aimlessly till we fell on a tourist information kiosk, who then directed us to a backpacker in

Johannesburg. Nothing interesting happened there, the only two details being worth giving was the fact that nearly all the houses were protected by electric fences or extra dangerous barbed wire or spikes(some had all of them) and that I learnt how to truly play pool, thanks to somebody that taught me. I have to admit that the protections makes you feel strange at the beginning.

After 2 days we rented a car and went to Durban. There very kind people offered us a lodging at Hawks Rest and guided us during the safari.

During this safari we were very, very, very lucky. That day we saw impalas, gnus, bushpigs, wart hogs, lions, elephants, rhinos and we were super lucky to see cheetahs!!! The people who guided us had not seen any in the many years they had come there. I can’t explain more, seeing that a safari can’t be described by words, or photos as they have been lived. The main special thing of a safari is seeing animals in their natural habitat and occupations.

After that the real purpose of our journey started: helping others. We started this at St Theresa’s children home, where we pass time with the children. It seems as if they help you then you help them, it’s hard to explain. They also make me feel like a privileged person, which, seeing their kindness and generosity, is not a good feeling. Next place where I help I’ll take my watch off: none of them have one and many wish they could.


3 Responses

  1. Nice post David. The Safari must have been a great experience.

    I hope you will be posting photos of the new friends you’ll be making.

    Take care!

  2. You are right, we are privileged, but I see that you are in a great position to use your privileges for nothing but good. I understand how they help you, though I don’t think I could explain it any better.

  3. Hi David !
    i’m very sorry i haven’t kept touch with you these past months, but i’ll try to write more often .
    Your trip around the world looks great ! i really envy you.
    I hope i could go around the world when i’m older.
    it looks like the people in other countries are happier than us , even if we look privileged. i envy them too and would like to help them.
    In l’ermitage ( the school) all is well.We have a lot of new students .
    It’s not bad except it’s not the same when you’re not here. Maxime and Alistair are eager foor your return and of course, i do too .You’ll have loads of stuff to tell us, it’s very exciting!
    you can’t imagine how lucky you are.

    camille 😉
    ps:please reply.

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