We lost our house…

For those who might’ve not known: we lost our house monday 30 June. Now it’s a feast of desolation, a once full apartement, full of books and games, now lies in smouldering ashes (a.k.a empty). You’d think I’d be sad to lose an apartement I’ve had for 4 years… but no, I have no regret. The time before that monday was a time of hard work for us poor innocent children. If you’re a child, you’ll remember the dreaded times when your parents ask you to do a hated chore like passing the vacuum-cleaner or I don’t know what, now take that moment of anguish and multiply it by a couple of days. What we did included:

-Cleaning mounds of dirty plates and glasses

-Carrying many (REALLY many) extremely heavy cartons full of food/books/games down flights of stairs and through badly oiled doors to the garage. Rinse and repeat until your arms fall off.

-Dismantle anything which could be dismantled, like beds, chairs, tables… you name it..

-Cleaning the Kitchen/Fridge with “Eau de Javel”

-etc. etc. etc.

Little rest and low quality food drained our energy desperatly away, leaving us gasping for breath, all this under the dreaded whip of time. Stress burnt us like the consuming sun in a desert, in short: it was terrible.

I might seem like I’m complaining a little bit (ok, little might be exagerated), but I don’t blame anyone and am just glad it’s all over.

It’s funny how the loss of a house opens up new horizons. Now we can just jump in the car and be guided by providence. I thank all the kind families that have invited us to eat/sleep/have fun. Without them, this liberty wouldn’t be the same. Food = restaurant/fast food. Thanks for Mc Donalds for training our immune system versus terrible and unknown diseases inherent in their cheeseburgers. In other news, the price of petrol is taking its toll (I’ve been appointed to mark all our spendings, oh joy).

Apart from that… I’m glad my Brevet is over. Answering Laura’s question (really, I love when people write comments on my posts, it almost makes me feel like my posts are being read :D), Brevet is like a little Baccalaureat passed in the french 3rd year, I’m 14 so you calculate it.

To finish this off, life is good, I’m nice and happy, and I’m off to bed. Good night.

(Photos coming soon, sorry to make you wait but I haven’t even got my own computer yet, I’m using my uncle’s)


2 Responses

  1. I only just saw this post, but thank you for explaining. Have you ever thought of becoming a poet?

  2. Hi there!

    I have a question for you – it’s about a company I’m starting for those who have lost a home.

    Please let me know if you’re interested in answering a few questions.



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