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Drowning in cardboard

Hi all!

This is basically my first post so I’ll stick to describing:

Right now I’m stuck writing this in my little corner, knowing that if I move, I’ll most likely squash something.

Our little apartement is loaded with bulky cardboard boxes, all with a number scribbled on them. Somewhere, I know lie my things. Yesterday, I was going to show a book to my sister, when, arriving to my bedroom, I saw that my shelf was empty… Not a very nice feeling. Right now I can’t invite any friends as our previously white walls are buried under ugly sellotaped boxes.

Anyway, not that I have loads of time for writing, as right now I’m putting most of my efforts revising for the brevet. Just thought I’d see how this blog works.


One Response

  1. It’s such a good idea to write a blog! the picture looks great, it’s in a way quite artistic in a bit of a cubism style or something of that sort. what is the brevet? Is is some sort of test? Whatever it is I hope it goes well! My Parents wish you all well!

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